Are We a Dying Civilization?

ISIS terrorist training camp in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula.

We are losing the war against ISIS and radical Islam.

We do not yet realize we are losing or why.

We have a deeper problem than our commander in chief being AWOL.

Obama is not alone in willfully avoiding the truth about an enemy sworn to our destruction. He has many accomplices and co-conspirators.

… …

Our secular culture is adrift in a sea of relativism, escapism, and self-indulgent inanities, with our media and entertainment elites leading the parade.

Multiculturalism…teach(es) that there are no superior cultures, only different ones.

The great Russian novelist Alexandr Solzhenitsyn saw this deepening hollowness in the West.

He stated years ago:

It has become embarrassing to state that evil makes its home in the individual human heart before it enters a political system. Yet it is not considered shameful to make dally concessions to an integral evil. Judging by the continuing landslide of concessions made before the eyes of our very own generation, the West is ineluctably slipping toward the abyss.

ISIS hates the West


Radical Islam’s principles are out there for all to see if they open their eyes.

Our principles?   What are they? They are up for grabs.

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