Despicable President?

I am not sure what it is about being President and serving a second term. It seems none of them in the last 20 years who served a second term persisted in being the person at the top leading in triumph. It appears President Obama is no different and what’s worse involving even more critical issues than any President has faced in the past.


You could tell from Obama’s body language and his hurried tones that his heart was not in his speech. He didn’t want to be there. I suspect his advisers pressured him to make this speech because he had to do something to deceive the American people into believing that he is actually engaged and that we can trust him to lead us in this war. But he convinced no one with that lackluster address, in which he gave empty assurances that we are following a strategy that we all know to be nonexistent.


It’s easy to recognize when Obama is passionate about something, such as when he talks about alleged Christian atrocities against Muslims hundreds of years ago during the Crusades, gun control, health care, income redistribution or global warming. But with the exception of gun control, those issues were not part of his speech, so he was noticeably indifferent and disengaged.

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