Woeful state of American Civic Education

A survey of recent U.S. college graduates shows nearly 10 percent think Judge Judy is on the Supreme Court.
Nearly 60 percent of those surveyed didn’t know how the Constitution is amended, and almost 40 percent didn’t know Congress can declare war. More than 60 percent of those polled also thought Thomas Jefferson – not James Madison – is the “Father of the Constitution,” the American Council of Trustees and Alumni report.

“Many of the figures may actually understate how poorly our colleges are doing because older respondents performed significantly better than younger ones,” according to a report released by the group this week titled “A Crisis in Civic Education.”

“For example, 98.2 percent of college graduates over the age of 65 know that the president cannot establish taxes – but only 73.8 percent of college graduates aged 25-34 answered correctly.”

Additionally, “When asked to identify the rights guaranteed by the First Amendment, one-third of Americans could not name a single right; 43% could not even name freedom of speech as one of those rights,” the report notes.

The problem starts in public high schools that are placing less emphasis on civics education than in the past, and results from the National Assessment of Educational Progress show it’s having an impact.

In 2010, NEAP test results showed that while nearly all high school seniors studied civics, less than a quarter scored proficient or above. A staggering 36 percent did not have even a basic understanding, and couldn’t “describe forms of political participation available in a democracy” or “provide simple interpretations of nontext-based information such as maps, charts, tables, graphs, and cartoons,” according to the report.

That was before NEAP officials cut the civics portion from the test in 2014 citing budget issues.

Previous ACTA polls show the most recent survey is part of an ongoing trend of college graduates who are increasingly ignorant about government.

“A 2014 ACTA survey found that one-third of college graduates were unaware that FDR spearheaded the New Deal, and nearly half did not know that Teddy Roosevelt played a major role in constructing the Panama Canal,” according to the new report. “A survey published early in 2015 found that over one-third could not place the Civil War within the correct 20-year time frame.

“When surveys repeatedly show that college graduates do not understand the fundamental processes of our government and the historical forces that shaped it, the problem is much greater than a simple lack of factual knowledge. It is a dangerous sign of civic disengagement.”

“Our country depends upon an educated populace; and while civic activity and service learning are important, they simply cannot substitute for substantive learning about our history and government,” ACTA President Anne D. Neal said in a statement.

“It’s time that colleges and universities replace their anything-goes approach to the curriculum with specific subject-matter requirements that will empower America’s next generation of leaders.”

The report concludes with a simple recommendation for American universities: require that students understand American history and government before they graduate.

“One thing they must not do is to believe that freshmen come to college with an adequate knowledge of American history and government,” the report said.

“The evidence of the NEAP tests and the evidence of the civic illiteracy of college graduates are compelling and conclusive. It is dishonest for a college or university to pretend that its students do not need further coursework in a subject so crucial to the future of this nation.”

James O’Keefe’s Common Core Videos Are Just The Tip Of The Iceberg


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Self-described right-wing muckraker James O’Keefe has begun publishing a series of undercover videos about Common Core that he says follow Saul Alinsky’s dictates for provoking civil unrest that leads to authoritarian government:

One by one the whole rotten corrupt system is going to be exposed. Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, polarize it.

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American People Are Stupid

I was thinking the same thing that the host on the video concluded at the end. Please define stupid and contrast that please with ignorant/ignorance. We are ignorant of some things we need to know.   We just don’t know we need to know sometimes.   The press was put in place to inform originally.  The press has become groups of people who push an agenda anymore.   There is very little “independent” news coverage in this country.  Everyone has a bias and parse the coverage to promote their slant or viewpoint.



Polyamory Is Bad For Kids, Polyamorists, And Society

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By 6, 2015

Polyamorists’ choice to constantly pursue the butterflies of ‘new love’ instead of experiencing the depth of true love through lifelong commitment speed down a road to hell.

Sara Burrows, a polyamorist, has written at The Federalist that the government’s Polyamory Is Bad For Kids, Polyamorists, And Societyinvolvement in marriage—gay or straight—is discriminatory against single people and a growing number of couples who maintain multiple sexual and “romantic” relationships at once.

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Polyamory Is Next, And I’m One Reason Why

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Here’s how libertarianism has led me and my partner into polyamory, and why Polyamory Is Next, And I’m One Reason WhyAmerica will have to grapple with this issue next.

“You’re going to bed already?” I complained, as I prepared to read our three-year-old a bedtime story across the hall. It was my not-so-veiled solicitation for sex. I was nearing ovulation and in the mood. I knew Brad was rarely in the mood at night—unlike me, he’s a morning person—but I was hoping, by chance, he might be.

“Yeah, I’m tired,” he grumbled. “I have to work in the morning.” After I got my daughter to sleep in her own bed—a rare gem—I came back in to cuddle, to see if he was really asleep or just faking.

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You Can See ‘13 Hours’ This Weekend

For the first time in years, Hollywood is putting out a picture that might do some harm to the Democratic Party. Without Citizens United, this never could have happened.
By       14, 2016

This Friday, “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi” will be released in theaters Thank Citizens United That You Can See ‘13 Hours’ This Weekendnationwide. The movie, based on the book “13 Hours” by Mitchell Zuckoff, is directed by Michael Bay and gives the public a chance to see one man’s take on what happened in Libya on September 11, 2012, when terrorists stormed our diplomatic compound and killed four Americans: Glen Doherty, Sean Smith, Ambassador Chris Stevens, and Tyrone Woods.

The decision to make this movie and release it so widely was likely unpopular with the Democratic political establishment. While the film focuses on the events on the ground in Benghazi, it is bound to generate interest about what was happening back in Washington and what President Obama and his secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, might have done to prevent the loss of American lives.

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Big Business Still Has No Idea Why Americans Don’t Like It Or Common Core

The article was copied faithfully from The Federalist.

Fortune magazine has no idea what capitalism means, even though it’s at the heart of why huge majorities of Americans distrust big business.

Fortune has put together a Common Core article package that headlines its

Big Business Still Has No Idea Why Americans Don’t Like It Or Common CoreNew Year’s Day issue. They clearly spent a lot of time on it.

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