Donald Trump

I never thought I would cover Donald Trump here.  Maybe I am not covering him.  He’s complex.  How could anyone cover him, really.

What does the American Thinker ‘think’ about Trump?

He is a populist which is neither conservative nor progressive.

Trump professes a palpable politically incorrect nationalism in a time of prostrate, politically correct treason — or, as some put it, “internationalism.” Yet even this is just the iceberg’s tip.

Political correctness is not correct nor necessarily moral but it is ‘potent’ for sure.   It makes people line up with the thought.   It is anti-American in some ways in that it suppresses dialogue and free thinking and expression.   Come to think of that, well, that is grossly constitutional isn’t it–United States Constitution that is.  Based on that political correctness is unconstitutional.

PC isn’t popular, but it is potent.  It reminds me of (in fact, parts of American life remind me) of what people said about the old Soviet Union.  The plight of young millennials remind me of the stories coming out of the newly liberated and broken apart Soviet Union.

We don’t want to be there, go there in America do we?

Donald Trump is larger than life and he seems to be getting larger.  I was so bought into PC myself in some ways that I said publicly, “I would never vote for him.”  To be honest I am rethinking that statement and doing what ifs in my mind.

Dear American people, wake up!  There is an American Media Elite who stay aligned with a political elite in the USA and they rule.  The goal and  output is to control the country:  its government, the lives of the commoners, even the thoughts of us commoners.   What does that remind you of?  Have we been duped?

… … backing down is par for the course when confronted by the thought police. People will cower and apologize — thus relinquishing any support they might have had. Why would fellow citizens stand up for you if you won’t even stand up for yourself? And virtually everyone makes this mistake.

Donald Trump does not do this.   One of my thoughts was: “OK, he is going to hang himself.” I thought that months ago.  He is still around.  Somehow he has not hung himself.   He has staying power against the PC Media Elitist who control the media in the USA.  Side note: “free press” is that in the Constitution?   If the PCME is real, then we have a major violation of the Constitution here.

Back to Trump:  no doubt he has characteristics that everybody does not like.  But he has other attributes like courage, tenacity, bravery, will to fight and to win which were bedrock to the founding of the great nation that the USA is.

… when you have a hero, leading the troops in the heat of battle against a despised oppressor, you don’t worry about his marriages, past ideological indiscretions or salty language. You charge right behind him.

That’s another element of the Phenom that Trump is in the American political process.   He is running over reporters, the PCME and some could envision him charting a greater role for American in the affairs of the world.

Could a Donald Trump restore much of what is good and right and true about America?

Stay tuned.

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