Chaos in the Republican Party

David Frum of the Atlantic believe the Republican Party is being destroyed.   What are your thoughts?

Here is a summary of the points he made in an article in The Spectator.

World Issues

  • a staggering array of crises President Obama will bequeath his successor
  • the Chinese economy that is plunging into depression
  • a third war in Iraq, this time fought in undeclared association with Russia and Iran
  • a wave of refugees into Europe that threatens to smash apart the world’s largest economic union

USA Data

  • the typical American family is earning $4,000 a year less than in 2007
  • unemployment is dropping partly because of a statistical illusion (the percentage of working-age men who are even looking for work has dropped to the lowest level ever recorded)
  • the wealth gap between black and white families has widened to an extreme not seen since the beginning of the civil rights era
  • a burst of drug and suicide mortality has reduced the life expectancy of non-college-educated whites — something that did not happen even during the Great Depression
  • two thirds of Republicans tell pollsters they will never support Donald Trump
  • the two thirds remains split between a fistful of conventionally credentialled politicians
  • the Republican field remains dominated by a bombastic, populist, nationalist billionaire
  • the US Republican party was turning its back on its middle-class voting base
  • its policies were veering toward cultural reaction and economic exclusion
  • debated topic: The United States should accept 100,000 Syrian refugees
  • the government of Germany has been rocked by mass co-ordinated sex assaults by migrants and refugees on German women in Cologne and other cities

Under these grim circumstances, you’d think that the ‘out’ party — the Republican party — would be poised for victory. Instead, it is tearing itself apart.


David Frum was born in Toronto and is senior editor at the Atlantic, chairman of the board of trustees of Policy Exchange and a former speechwriter for President George W. Bush.


You can read his data-dense long-form explanation of how all this happened in the January issue of the Atlantic.





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