FRANZI: Atheists demanding an atheist society

The following content is from the Green Valley News.

By Emil Franzi   Jan 19, 2016

Atheists can be annoying. A big-mouthed zealous atheist is much worse than a Jehovah’s Witness or a Mormon on a mission.

I’ve had intelligent and respectful discussions with the latter two. Besides the observation that they often smell better, they tend to be more thoughtful and tolerant than many atheists.

I except from this general condemnation those disciples of Ayn Rand and conservative atheists such as George Will, who are consistent in both their belief in individual freedom and recognition of the actual principles of the republic. Unfortunately, they are in the minority of those believing in godlessness.

Author Dennis Prager, himself an Orthodox Jew and a man of faith, has observed the biggest difference between atheists and the rest of us, obviously including agnostics.


Prager often appears before groups composed of those called people of faith and also appears before atheists. When he asks both groups the same question “Have you ever had doubts about your position?” he reports that those with religious beliefs overwhelmingly raise their hands while atheists almost never do. That should give you a hint as to which group contains the most genuinely tolerant. And which blindly believe in a religious dogma.

Many atheists are fundamentally intolerant. They want you to believe that the Founding Fathers, whom they are clever enough to attempt to usurp, were closet disbelievers. They also distort history by re-interpreting the Establishment clause in the First Amendment.

Anyone with knowledge about the early republic notices that some of the Founders expressed honest doubts, but that most were hardcore Christians of varying Protestant varieties. The First Amendment was simply a device to prevent one group of Protestant Christians from dominating the others. Evidence that it didn’t equate “No religion” is obvious or else it would’ve applied to the states, many of whom had established churches well into the 19th century.

The Atheist Lobby wants you to believe otherwise. Their ideal society would not only take the Ten Commandments off the wall at the Supreme Court, but would actually restrict public officials who advocate them.
The lefty online rag Salon has an article by Jeffrey Tayler, a regular contributor to the once lofty Atlantic, trashing Sen. Marco Rubio. Per Tayler, Rubio has “…a bizarre religious faith – and he wants to govern by it.”
Rubio is a Catholic. And besides trashing him, Tayler also dumps on the current pope for being a fake liberal.
After several more graphs on the evils of Catholicism reminiscent of the crap belched by mid-19th century know-nothings about the dirty Irish, the real meat in his atheist paean comes through. Rubio is unfit to be president because he professes to believe in God.

Simmer that one for a minute. What he’s telling us is that in his dirty little world, no one believing differently than he does could hold public office. The only religious test would be proving you had none. Beyond simply ridiculing any political figure professing a belief in Christianity or God in any other form, Tayler would automatically disqualify them and not allow the rest of us to be represented or governed by them. Only atheists are fit to run our society is the bottom line of his hauntingly fascist message. He then includes in his anti-Christian diatribe Catholic Supreme Court Justice Scalia and Protestant Alabama Chief Justice Moore. Seen one Christian, seen ‘em all.

Many historians have attributed religion as the cause of conflicts. Upon closer perusal, you discover that most conflicts pre-dated the establishment of most religions which were often collectively imposed by authoritarian states and a variety of tribal despots upon their subjects for political not religious reasons.

The 20th century finally settled this argument. With the excesses of the French Revolution as role model, never before had more nations been governed by atheists. The result was that conflicts became the worst of any in history. Atheists murdered more people faster than any priests or shamans ever did.

From Pol Pot and Stalin to Mao and the Holocaust, never before had so many authoritarian regimes butchered so many OF THEIR OWN PEOPLE. It was atheism’s gift to the world. It proved conclusively that religion isn’t the real problem, totalitarian government is.

I present a brief outline of Mr.Tayler’s case and refer you to it because we on the freedom side of the ledger need our various enemies exposed for the authoritarian creeps they are.

And as a non-Catholic supporter of Sen. Rubio’s presidential campaign, I thank Tayler for the diatribe. The Rubios need more enemies like him.

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  1. Western Europe is not very religious at all. It’s also doing pretty well in terms of economy and crime rate in relation to many religious nations…

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