CAIR Cannot Be Trusted!

CAIR Cannot Be Trusted To Police Radical Muslims
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CAIR’s end goal is Muslim communities alienated from law enforcement and the wider American society, totally reliant on Islamist groups like CAIR for representation.

In the wake of Tuesday’s deadly terror attack in Brussels, presidential candidate Ted Cruz issued a statement calling on a renewed effort to oppose Islamic terrorism, and warning against what he described as Europe’s “toxic mix” of migrants infiltrated by terrorists and “isolated radical Muslim neighborhoods.”

The threat these neighborhoods pose to both public safety and social cohesion has been well-identified, even if disputes over the use of terms like “no-go zone” have been heated. They are largely abandoned by European law enforcement and left to the devices of a mixture of criminal gangs and Islamist imams. Continue reading “CAIR Cannot Be Trusted!”

Americans Want Supreme Court to Turn Off Political Spending Spigot

Americans may be sharply divided on other issues, but they are united in their view of the 2010 Supreme Court ruling that unleashed a torrent of political spending: They hate it.

In a new Bloomberg Politics national poll, 78 percent of those responding said the Citizens United ruling should be overturned, compared with 17 percent who called it a good decision.

“Wow. Wow. I’m stunned,” said David Strauss, a constitutional law professor who teaches at the University of Chicago. “What it suggests is that Citizens United has become a symbol for what people perceive to be a much larger problem, which is the undue influence of wealth in politics.”

Read the questions and methodology here.

The 5-4 ruling said that corporations have a First Amendment right to spend unlimited sums in support of political causes. That decision, coupled with a lower court’s rejection of a ceiling on contributions to political groups, opened the way for the super-PACs that are expected to pump hundreds of millions of dollars into the 2016 presidential race. Continue reading “Americans Want Supreme Court to Turn Off Political Spending Spigot”

FBI Demands Compromise Many!

If Apple complied with the FBI’s demand to unlock terrorist’s iPhone, persecuted Christians could be harmed, warns IT expert

Barkley, of George Mason University, echoes Apple’s fears that the software to break into Farook’s phone could end up in the wrong hands if someone on the inside leaks it.

And aside from the protection of data in millions of iPhones around the world, persecuted Christians who rely on their iPhones to secure their data for their missions could be endangered without strong information security, said Barkley in his post.

“When considering this issue we must take into account not just the terrible tragedy and families affected by the December attack, but also the further ramifications of security in this information age,” he writes.

“This is not an isolated case free of international or future ramifications. Lives everywhere, including those of persecuted Christians who use iPhones and other encryption serves to protect their missions, may be at risk now and in the future without strong information security. It as an issue for all the Church to consider prayerfully and carefully.”

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The Quran’s Deadly Role

…in the Belgium Slaughter

Western recruits for jihad are inspired by the literal interpretation of Muslim sacred texts. This is what we must fight.

This article in USA Today comes from Dr. Nabeel Qureshi who is with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries.  My unbelief is that a major US news site is putting up this type diagnosis so quickly after the Islamic attack on Europe.

Islam’s jihadists are in a holy war with the world.  It seems the jihadists have focused for the moment on Europe.   There will likely be more attacks in Europe per Dr. Qureshi’s analysis and interpretation of the Quran.   It seems there will always be militant aspirations among young muslims. Continue reading “The Quran’s Deadly Role”