Tanya on the GOP

Who is this person?

Tanya R. Young Williams is a TV Personality, legal analyst for KTLA news, HLN on-air panelist, Host of Etc Etc. Etc., author, contributor to Huffington post, inspirational speaker and a celebrity spokesperson for the National Domestic Violence Hotline. Tanya was thrust into the public spotlight when her estranged husband, former NBA All-Star, Jayson Williams, was tried for the fatal shooting of his limo driver in 2002. Her numerous television appearances brought the attention of networks and as a result, she is often called upon to offer her expert opinion on high-profile trials, celebrity troubles, domestic violence, dealing with tragedy and traumatic events and family matters.

Tanya’s expertise as a trial consultant stems from her first-hand knowledge of living through and being intimately involved in every phase of a high-profile trial – from jury selection through the verdict announcement. She has covered numerous high-profile trials over the past 10 years. Tanya’s ability to share her unique perspective makes her commentary contributions powerfully enlightening to her audiences.

This is just part of her bio and I did not see anything there about political experience.  I think she just like to write!

Too must cleavage there Tanya!   Of course, I could say that to many women today.

The following are excerpts from her piece on the H Post of the GOP and ghettos.  She starts her piece, “I am not a registered Democrat.”  I’m not registered either.  I wonder if there is any advantage to registering?

The Democratic candidates, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, have maintained a level of decorum expected of one vying for the most powerful and respected position in the world.

Note ‘decorum.’   I agree.  But, there is going to be less attacking when there are just two.  I believe Hillary knew it was over for Bernie after the first two states or so anyway.  There was no cause for fighting.   Also Hillary started low energy–she still does not have much.  “Don’t they know this is my turn to be president” attitude.  That is, “I shouldn’t have to work for this.”

Ted Cruz breaks down and storms off the stage in dramatic Kardashian fashion.

Watch out there Tanya! Isn’t Kardashian a Democrat?

That is really all there is to comment on here.  The remainder is a set of bullet points about Republican candidate wrongs done in this race.

Bernie has a long history and so much juicy material to pull out of it for jabs.  But no one will because he now is pretty much out of the spotlight.

Hillary on the other hand, provides lots of fodder for scandal.  I wish she had not put that server in her bedroom closet.  I wonder what nights are like for her if her thoughts move to the dead Ambassador who is not with us because of her indecisiveness.

I hope she makes a great President.   This country needs on right now!

Get the whole article.






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