FBI Demands Compromise Many!

If Apple complied with the FBI’s demand to unlock terrorist’s iPhone, persecuted Christians could be harmed, warns IT expert

Barkley, of George Mason University, echoes Apple’s fears that the software to break into Farook’s phone could end up in the wrong hands if someone on the inside leaks it.

And aside from the protection of data in millions of iPhones around the world, persecuted Christians who rely on their iPhones to secure their data for their missions could be endangered without strong information security, said Barkley in his post.

“When considering this issue we must take into account not just the terrible tragedy and families affected by the December attack, but also the further ramifications of security in this information age,” he writes.

“This is not an isolated case free of international or future ramifications. Lives everywhere, including those of persecuted Christians who use iPhones and other encryption serves to protect their missions, may be at risk now and in the future without strong information security. It as an issue for all the Church to consider prayerfully and carefully.”

Get the whole story here…


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