The First Amendment to US Constitution

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Do the Executive and Judicial branches assume, believe, act as though they are absent from the restrictions stated here in the First Amendment to the US Constitution?  I believe they may assume and believe that.  The actions taken in both branches confirm that.

In 1789, only Congress made laws.  The Executive Branch only enforced laws passed by Congress and the Judicial Branch only interpreted laws passed by Congress.

Please don’t miss that this amendment gives you the freedom to speak, the freedom to write or speak where others read or hear you, the freedom to assemble and the freedom to petition your government when you disagree with laws, with the execution of laws and with the interpretation of laws.

Does the Constitution’s framing context make Executive Orders illegal?  Does the Constitution’s framing context make judicial activism illegal? Continue reading “The First Amendment to US Constitution”

US Gov’t Computers are Antiques

Government spending billions to keep antique computer systems running

The government is squandering its technology budget maintaining museum-ready computer systems in critical areas from nuclear weapons to Social Security. They’re still using floppy disks at the Pentagon.

In a report released Wednesday, nonpartisan congressional investigators found that about three-fourths of the $80 billion budget goes to keep aging technology running, and the increasing cost is shortchanging modernization.

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Juan Williams’ Thoughtful Response to Firing

Juan Williams was in the ‘right’ to say want he said publically.  It does not matter whether you agree with him or not. He should be protected under the First Amendment.  He is not protected and YOU are NOT protected under the First Amendment!  Be aware! Free speech is not a given right anymore in this America.

America is no longer the America that George Washington and Ben Franklin founded.  We have move far away from that America! Continue reading “Juan Williams’ Thoughtful Response to Firing”

Don’t Say What You Think About Islam!

The title is not a random thought! It is a “command.”  That statement goes directly against the U. S. Constitution’s First Amendment regarding freedom of speech in the USA.  The following shows that speech is NOT free in America any longer.

Juan, here, here, don’t you know those people in Muslim garb aren’t the ones to fear?  None of the 911 terrorists wore Muslim clothing. No, they dressed in typical American clothing.  Clothes don’t make the person. In this case ideology makes the person!  Ideology is very hard to delineate. Continue reading “Don’t Say What You Think About Islam!”

Background for Common Core

How Common Core Fulfills Hillary Clinton’s Education Dreams

How Common Core Fulfills Hillary Clinton’s Education Dreams

If Hillary Clinton had never played a pivotal role in creating and accomplishing her husband’s education agenda in the ‘90s, we might well not have Common Core.

Recently, Hillary Clinton interviewed with Newsday, a daily paper in her “home” state of New York that circulates where opposition to Common Core is among the most forceful in the country. In it, Clinton reiterated her support for Common Core, noting “I have always supported national standards.”

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New London Mayor Suspicious Activity

Target Store Targets

Target has come under fire recently after announcing that all retail locations would This Man Saved A Girl From Being Stabbed To Death, And Now Target Is Suing Him For Itallow customers to use whatever restroom they want regardless of their biological sex. As a result, women may suddenly find themselves sharing a bathroom with grown men. Many women’s rights activists believe Target’s new policy needlessly puts vulnerable women at risk of sexual assault and deprives them of their right to safety and privacy.

Target’s policy has raised questions nationwide about whether men who merely claim to be women should be allowed in the same bathroom as women.

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