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How Common Core Fulfills Hillary Clinton’s Education Dreams

How Common Core Fulfills Hillary Clinton’s Education Dreams

If Hillary Clinton had never played a pivotal role in creating and accomplishing her husband’s education agenda in the ‘90s, we might well not have Common Core.

Recently, Hillary Clinton interviewed with Newsday, a daily paper in her “home” state of New York that circulates where opposition to Common Core is among the most forceful in the country. In it, Clinton reiterated her support for Common Core, noting “I have always supported national standards.”

Early in her campaign, the long-time education nationalizer had stayed noticeably silent on this topic until a staged Iowa interaction with a teacher last year in which she called education a “non-family enterprise.”

Common Core is deeply unpopular, not just in New York, but across the country, and the unpopularity has only grown as it has moved into schools since 2010. From just 2013 to 2015, teacher support for Common Core dropped like a rock, from 76 percent to 40 percent support.

Consequently, people politically invested in Common Core such as Hillary Clinton have fallen back on the same old “implementation” line all utopian schemers use when confronted with the real-world catastrophes their grand schemes always create. “We need to have” Common Core, it’s just those rubes in the states and local school districts bungled it. They don’t have the money, they don’t have the right structure. It was ahead of its time.

Next time, though, we’ll do it right. Never mind that millions of American kids are now struggling in school thanks to the failure of these same ideas. Ya gotta crack some eggs to make an omelet, you know?

The education structure Hillary helped design and push is a direct precursor to Common
Core, and Common Core actually fulfills parts of the agenda she wasn’t able to get passed.
In other words, a key executor of the Clintons’ education policies went on to become a pivotal figure in enacting Common Core.
The way to centralize education was by pretending that was precisely not what you were doing—just like the Clinton administration had, by giving states grants to do its bidding.
Federal influence through the Clinton administration made the corporate-leftist ‘standards-based reform’ configuration the default.


Statists like Hillary Clinton see freedom as something to be parceled out in carefully controlled conditions, then retracted as soon as possible.
They have used the police power of government and our own tax dollars to herd our children into separate and unequal system of schooling from the one they have enjoyed.
Joy PullmannJoy Pullmann is managing editor of The Federalist, an education research fellow at The Heartland Institute, and author of the forthcoming “Coretastrophe: What Common Core Means for America’s Future,” from Encounter Books.

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