Don’t Say What You Think About Islam!

The title is not a random thought! It is a “command.”  That statement goes directly against the U. S. Constitution’s First Amendment regarding freedom of speech in the USA.  The following shows that speech is NOT free in America any longer.

Juan, here, here, don’t you know those people in Muslim garb aren’t the ones to fear?  None of the 911 terrorists wore Muslim clothing. No, they dressed in typical American clothing.  Clothes don’t make the person. In this case ideology makes the person!  Ideology is very hard to delineate.You should know that CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) and no doubt the OIC contacted NPR as soon as they picked up Juan Williams. By their Sharia law, a non-Muslim cannot say what Juan said in public.  Nor can he think the thought in private by Sharia law. Do you think Sharia law does not apply in the USA? Think again!  Did Juan get fired?


From NPR’s reporter
Poor Handling of Juan Williams
Editor Who Fired Williams Resigns
Juan Williams was “Fried” for Telling the Truth


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