Second Thoughts

I had second thoughts about putting up the data on Sharia law, CAIR, and OIC.

When I watched this video (called “the debate,” though it is only one speaker) I thought to myself, “I should not have put up all those posts about Islam and CAIR & the OIC strategy to suppress free speech.”   Then, I thought about all the women in the world who are oppressed by Islam the religion/state government.  (Islam is more than religion.) I thought about my friend in Pakistan, a Christian, who was held for days by the police and then stripped naked and released into the street.  I thought about all the daughter-killings for deviating from “norms.”  I thought about female genital mutilation.  I thought about the taxes non-Muslims pay just for the privilege of living in an Islam-dominated state.  I could go on but I won’t.  I don’t know what the source of all the oppression and suppression of freedom is Islam states, but I know it is real.  Just check for yourself on YouTube and other sources. There is something sinister behind elements of the practice of Islam.  Those sinister elements need to be exposed.

Now, if you care to indulge, watch Hasan leveled with right thought from a “seeker,” a “thinker,” Irshad Manji.


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