Islam vs Christianity

I appreciate James Kirk Wall (or Church Wall) of the Chicago Now site attempting to compare Christian extremism and Islamic extremism.

The page has a title: “Reason is a Virtue.”  I agree wholeheartedly with that statement.  That is not to say there are not mysteries in life but by and large we are more successful the more rational we are.

James titles the article: “American Christian Extremist Vs Islamic Extremist – Explain the difference” and I appreciate his efforts in the comparison.He tags his article with this image:


This meme has become very popular in the atheist community. When Christianity is ridiculed, no one brings up Islam, but when Islam is attacked (like when an Islamist kills 50 people in a gay bar,) for some reason, Christianity is brought up as a distraction.

I am interested to know that.  I was not aware.  Thank you James.  I wonder why that may be.  Has the PC elements in America moved society that far.  We really can’t discuss Islam at the bar or at work?

James mentions the Torah, that Christians or Jesus followers and Muslims adhere to.

I sense that the Muslim community hangs on to the Old Testament only to show their heritage from Abraham and through Ismael. I don’t see much coming from Muslim practice taken from parts of the Old Testament or New.  They claim Jesus as a prophet but they align closely to the Quran and the Hadiths.

So Christians and Muslims by and large use different scriptures.

Now James mentions the word “cesspool” in referring to the Torah.   It is not a cesspool at all.  It is a beautiful scripture.  If you don’t believe me, believe King David who loved God’s law–Psalm 119.   If by cesspool James is referring to the judgement on and the destruction of tribes or cities because of the evil practices carried out within them, see Robin Schumacher’s article here dealing with the flood, Sodom, Jericho, Amelek and the Sons of Ashkelon.

In today’s world, there are striking differences between Christian and Muslim society. Certainly there are stark differences between the United States and Islamic theocracies. There are differences between these two women depicted in the meme.

First off, let’s state the obvious. The American girl can wear a bikini, have a drink, have sex with men, and eat bacon. She can also say…(pretty much what she wants to say!)  Let’s hear it for FREEDOM!!

This is true in America for the Jesus follower and the non-follower.

Mr Kirk Wall lists 15 differences between Christianity and Islam which he discusses.  I will try to get to as many here as possible.

Here are some other differences:
#1 – The American Christian with her Bible and gun is free to leave her religion if she chooses without being killed. The death penalty for apostasy (abandoning religion) is popular in Islamic culture. According to statistics from the Pew Research Center, 74% of Muslims in Egypt believe that Sharia Law should be the law of the land, and 86% of those people believe in the death penalty for leaving Islam. That’s a majority of 64%, and Egypt is considered one of the more “moderate” Islamic countries.

Mr Kirk Wall should also not that there is a stealth jihad with the mission to insert Sharia Law into European and American legal systems.  In fact, in many cases before city, state and national courts Sharia has been called upon in the decisions made and sentences executed.

This brings me to a point that I would like to make which complements Mr. Kirk Wall’s article.  You might compare Judaism and Islam because each creates the mindset within the follower of a sense of religious nationhood.  That concept is contrary to the teachings of Jesus though a similar concept may have been practiced in Christianity’s history in Constantinople, Rome, Alexandria and other cities.  Jesus did not come or leave to have a nation formed in his honor.   He explicitly stated that his kingdom is not of this world.

#2 – The Christian girl doesn’t have to worry about being killed by her family if she’s sexually assaulted or doesn’t marry through her father’s arrangement and consent. In Islamic culture the woman is blamed when a man attacks her, and many have been killed in so called “honor killing” because the victim somehow “brought shame” to her family. In Pakistan alone, over 1,000 women die in “honor killings” each year.

In Christian families when marriage is addressed, there is some consent desired and given.  After all, a marriage unites in many ways two families.  A sense of consent makes for peace in the long term.  This is applicable for marriage in general because it is common sense.

#3 – Bible banger girl doesn’t believe she’s going to heaven for killing people.

So true.

#4 – American flag girl can show her hair. In Islamic countries like Iran, not wearing a hijab is illegal. Iran is currently arresting women for showing their hair on Instagram.

I believe this is applicable in the Middle and Far East.  You will see many, though not all, Muslims in Europe wearing the hijab.


#6 – The U.S. girl wouldn’t get arrested for reporting her own rape to the police. In Qatar, a Dutch woman was drugged and raped. She reported her rape to the police and was arrested for adultery. She served 3 months in prison and was fined $845 for being raped! Pardon my French but ….(we don’t like)… SHARIA LAW

I am skipping #5 and yes, be very careful in Islamic states.

#7 – American women can socially engage with boys in public who are not their relatives. Segregation between sexes is common in Islamic culture. There have been fatwas (legal opinions of joyless self-righteous Islamist schmucks) which forbid mixing between men and women. This segregation is also common with male Orthodox Jews who like to inconvenience people on flights by demanding not to sit next to women. Orthodox is another name for idiot.

Well, Mr Kirk Wall, I would not go that far.

#8 – Christian extremist girl doesn’t want gays to get married. Islamic extremist girl doesn’t want gays to breath.

That’s breathe, just a typo.  I believe the Islamic view of gays varies widely in the West.  Then, I haven’t been to the mosque or musjid to ask views of gays.

#11 – Female genital mutilation (FGM) of young girls, the disgusting practice of cutting the clitoris in order to remove sexual pleasure and desire has greater prevalence in Islamic society than Christian society. It is estimated that 91% of women in Egypt are victims of FGM.

Skipping a couple of points there.  The treatment of women is abhorrent in many cultures as it is in Islamic States.  I will invite you to watch Irshad Manji and Iyaan Hirsi  on their views.

#13 – Acid attacks are a growing problem in Islam, not Christianity. Three Afghan girls were in critical condition after Muslim men tossed acid in their faces for going to school. Muslim men have thrown acid on women who didn’t accept their marriage proposals as a way to “defend their honor.” Muslim extremists in Pakistan are actually fighting for their “right” to kill their wives and daughters.

I skipped another point in Mr. Kirk Wall’s article.  The attack problems are very prevalent per my brother in Pakistan.  He’s been beaten and starved and put on the street naked to find his way.  I am so thankful he is still alive.

#14 – Christian girl is able to use the “Jesus card” as an excuse to ignore just about everything in the Old Testament (ex. slavery, ethnic cleansing, mass murder, etc.) But the gun indicates she may not be taking the “thou shalt not kill” commandment seriously. Well, Moses didn’t either! Muslims can also make excuses for not following the sickening parts of their religion, but nothing beats the Jesus card, except for atheism, in the great excuses to not actually follow religious text category.

The Christian does not have a Jesus card.  Mr. Kirk Wall is right that some ignore the truths of the Old Testament.   I was trained that way in fact, but follow a better way now.  The article I referred to above deals with cleansing and destruction.   Slavery is another topic which could take a separate post.

If thou shall not kill is understood as it is meant to be interpreted, this lady can posses her gun and still obey the commandment.   Just because you have a gun or carry a gun does not mean you intend to kill.  That thought is ludicrous.  (Not that Mr. Kirk Wall had that thought but I must be clear here about facts and beliefs.) I possess a gun.  Gun safety is paramount.  Many gays are now gun owners and may have changed their minds about the Second Amendment and gun ownership recently.

#15 – USA girl would not be stoned to death if she committed adultery. According to the Pew Research Center, a majority of Malaysia (another one of those “Moderate” Islamic countries) believe in stoning as punishment for adultery.

The American male or female church member would not be stoned for committing adultery.  That doesn’t mean she/he is free to commit adultery.  The adultery is against God and the Christian deals with his sin before God.

I am glad to be an American and a Jesus follower in America.  I am also glad that America is diverse.  I’ve been with mono-ethnic cultures and though there is more uniformity, diversity adds depth and breadth.

Note: America has been diverse since Day 1!


The Kirk Wall Article (note his references)
Old Testament Monster
The God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and me





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