“Stand Down!”

On the 7th I put up a link to President Obama’s speech from Warsaw regarding the killings Image result for President Obamaof two black men:  Baton Rouge and St Anthony, Mn.   In that speech he delivered statistics which indicates black men are stopped by police disproportionately to their percentage of the total population.

That is an issue.  However, he did not address that issue head on in that speech, nor would I expect him to address that issue in an almost impromptu speech.  As I have thought about the issues more, I came to the conclusion that the President should ALWAYS communicate (in these shooting situations) something about the rule of law.  We are a nation of laws,  we have courts in which an accused gets to present their side before a jury of their peers.   The jury of peers weighs the evidence.  Neither the court of public opinion nor the President  determines the fate of the accused–the jury and only the jury has that power.

Because of these fact.  The President should live under and by the laws of the land and he should remind the citizens that we live by the rule of law and to “stand down!”  Let the tried and true laws of the land rule in the courts.

Our President seems to think that venting is good.  In the right context venting can be good.  However, mature adult citizens can also restrain themselves–even restrain our words.  Sometimes not venting is the best thing to do!  Venting is not always the right thing.

Mr. President, assume the high road for us, the citizens.  You are the Commander in Chief.  Command the citizens to stand down and let the rule of law determine justice.  Justice is not served by more carnage in the streets of America.



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