Police Blame President!

Dear Mr. President–tell all to “Stand Down!” That is your best position.  That is the best position for in light of police/black deaths. We stand by the rule of law.

Our President’s words may have inspired cop killer:

The most notorious examples of Obama’s reckless fanning of the racial flames in the wake of an attack include his racially charged response to the shooting of black teenager Michael Brown by white officer Darren Wilson (who was completely exonerated of all wrongdoing by Obama’s own Department of Justice), his connection of the death of Freddie Gray to racially motivated crimes (all of the officers involved that have been tried so far have been cleared), his “stupid” lecture to the Massachusetts police for arresting famous African-American scholar Henry Louis Gates, and, most recently, his willful insertion of race into the shootings of Alton Sterling and  Philando Castile, which are still under investigation.

More here.


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