Internet: Global Governance Change by 10/01/2016

… Call Congress!
Better Censorship for Tyrants!

  • The U.S. announced its plan to pass the oversight of the agency to a global governance model on October 1, 2016. The Obama Administration says that the transition will have no practical effects on the internet’s functioning or its users, and even considers the move necessary in order to maintain international support for the internet and to prevent a fracturing of its governance. Oh really?

  • The absence of the U.S. in overseeing the governance of the internet could spell the end of the current era of free speech on the internet, as well as free enterprise.
  • What guarantees are there that internet governance will not eventually end up in the hands of those very governments, seeing as they are all very eager to gain control of it? None. The Geneva Declaration of Principles makes clear that the UN, run by a majority of authoritarian governments, wants a decisive role for governments in internet governance.
  • Civil society groups and activists are calling on Congress to sue the Obama Administration — perhaps at least to postpone the date until more Americans are aware of the plan. It is not too late.

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Conservatism Is Dead

There is no conservative movement. The ‘Reagan coalition’ stopped existing as an operational political force some time ago.

Many conservatives are trying to figure out how Ronald Reagan’s conservative movement Conservatism Is Dead; Long Live Conservatismcan best advance its aims in Donald Trump’s Republican Party. Some believe the conservative movement must embrace Trump, whether from principle or simply to secure a place for the movement in a Trump administration. Others believe the conservative movement must reject Trump so it can credibly lead its prodigal party back from the wilderness.

All sides are united in believing the Republican Party is deeply corrupt (true enough), and that the only thing that can save the GOP is the conservative movement.

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Living in AbsurdiSTAN

Listen closely to how life in Sweden has changed dramatically.  The only issues that ‘Dorothy’ listed are multiculturalism and massive immigration.  With that, ‘Dorothy’s’ Kansas changed drastically.