Trump and Khan Row

Donald Trump should not have attacked the Khan’s in the way he did especially when theyMemorable lines from DNC's final night are being honored for their son’s heroic actions in war.   Khizr and Ghazala Khan were honoring their son at the Democratic National Convention (#DNC).

Yikes, does Trump have no couth?

I want to believe the best of everybody.  However, even though Khan held up a copy of the US Constitution and told Trump on TV to read it, I still believe it right and proper to ask Khizr and Ghazala Khan if they honor Shariah Law as superior to any US laws?  Why?  Because Islam can’t be separated from Shariah Law and Shariah Law contradicts the US Constitution including freedom of speech and of religion and other US laws that Americans hold dear.

Just because Mr. Khan held up the US Constitution does not mean he’s read it nor that he upholds all the laws found there.



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