Sessions Highlights 20 ‘Vetted’ Terrorist Refugees

The Obama Administration’s ongoing effort to admit tens of thousands of refugees Refugees APThanassis Stavrakisfrom Syria and other hotbeds of terrorism endangers the safety of the United States and has already had dire domestic consequences, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest warns.

Thank you Honorable Senator Jeff Sessions.   Somebody in Washington is looking out for us and our safety.  Others in Washington are in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood.  No name calling here–do your research.

“Despite a clear nexus between immigration and terrorism, and warnings from top officials in his own Administration about their inability to properly vet refugees, President Obama remains in denial about the dangers that his policies pose to the United States,” Sessions said in a statement Wednesday.To Sessions, Obama’s refugee plan is reckless and fails to consider the real perils of a refugee flow that has already been infiltrated by terrorists in the past. The Alabama lawmaker said, “the Obama Administration leads the United States down a dangerous path — admitting as many refugees as possible from areas of the world where terrorists roam freely, and granting a temporary amnesty to Syrians living in the United States illegally. And contrary to the assertions made by many, the potential for future terror activity is real.”

According to Sessions, the administration should be seeking out locations of refuge for displaced migrants close to their homelands so that they might be able to return once the conflict is over. Instead, however, the Obama Administration has pursued a plan of further displacement, promising to bring at least 10,000 Syria refugees to U.S. shores by the end of this fiscal year — as Sessions noted, a nearly 500 percent increase over FY 2015 when just 1,600 Syrian refugees were admitted to the U.S.

“This radical increase places the safety and security of the American people at risk, there will surely be consequences,” Sessions said.

As of August 9, 2016 the administration has already admitted 61,232 refugees this fiscal year, including 8,114 from Syria, 7,322 from Iraq, 7,067 from Somalia, 2,838 from Iran, and 1,924 from Afghanistan. By all accounts the Obama administration will achieve, if not exceed its goal of 10,000 Syrian refugees resettled in the U.S. this year and pursue a plan to resettle another 100,000 refugees in the U.S. next year.

Sessions notes that the threat of infiltration by terrorists is real, pointing out that at least 40 people admitted to the U.S. as refugees since September 11, 2001 have been implicated in terrorism.

“Some were admitted as adults, others as children, but these cases refute the false assertion that those admitted to the United States as refugees never engage in terrorism. But because these facts do not fit within his worldview, President Obama rejects them. And in so doing, he rejects his sacred oath for what he perceives as political gain,” Sessions said.

Republicans and top national security officials in the Obama Administration like FBI Director James Comey, National Intelligence Director James Clapper, and DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson, have expressed serious concerns about the government’s ability to vet Syrian refugees. Despite the warnings, the Obama Administration has continued to plow forward with the plans.

“Plainly, there is no way to properly vet these refugees,” Sessions added. “Our intelligence databases are only as good as the information that goes into them — meaning that the absence of derogatory information in our systems about an individual does not mean that admitting that individual carries no risk. Nor do we have an effective method to screen refugees for the possibility of potential post-entry radicalization.”

Sessions concluded by stressing, “Good public policy puts the safety and security of this country first. There is no doubt that this continuous, dramatic increase in refugees from areas of the world where terrorists roam freely will endanger this nation. We must change course.”

Sessions’ list of 19 Refugees and one Iraqi Special Immigration Visa (SIV) recipient implicated in terrorism in recent years.

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