Logan Has Some Facts!

Donald Trump made a campaign stop and gave a speech in Dimondale, Michigan on Friday, August 19th, 2016 in which he made the controversial statement: “You’re living in poverty, your schools are no good, you have no jobs, 58% of your youth is unemployed — what the hell do you have to lose?” Dimondale, Michigan is a largely white suburb outside of Lansing, although there were non-white people in the crowd, particularly a black woman who stood right behind Trump during his speech and was cheering him on.

The statement made at the rally, of course, has been all over most media outlets all day Friday and today, Saturday, as well. It has been all over social media as well, garnering outrage from many black liberals and white liberals alike. In their outrage, none of them ever seem to really address the question he asked or the problems that he brought up.

The problems that the black community faces are many… and they are very serious. The black teenage unemployment rate he quoted at 58% is actually much higher than that. Media outlets like CNN try to debunk the number… well not really debunk… they just try to explain it, saying that just because that many black teens are out of work, doesn’t mean that they aren’t looking for work. Which is a weak attempt at debunking. In reality, the numbers are much worse than that. In a place like Chicago, it’s as high as 92% for black male teens aged 16-19, and nationwide it’s over 80% for that same demographic.

Lousy schools, lack of jobs, and poverty are due in part to the rule of the Democrat party for the past 50 years. The black community is as poor as it’s ever been, but the poverty in the black community today is a much worse condition than it was prior to the Democrat plantation. Before 1940, black teen unemployment and white teen unemployment was about the same, and they were both low. Now, black teen unemployment is exponentially higher. Why? Because of the minimum wage law, which was designed to keep lower skilled blacks out of jobs that higher skilled whites would do. Why pay the same amount of money for a lower skilled worker that you could pay for a higher skilled worker? The minimum wage law racial tactic was also implemented in South Africa to keep apartheid entrenched into society, along with labour unions.

Liberals, especially high-ranking liberals like Hillary Clinton who called what Trump said at the rally “ignorant” just don’t want to admit that their precious Democrat-ran cities feature violent and poverty-stricken black ghettos. In many ways, those ghettos exist as the new plantation, growing fodder for private prisons, the mortuary industry, the sex industry, and maybe even sports. To have a person like Trump come along could shake up that balance, and free some of the individuals who are, in essence, trapped on the plantation. And the Democrat slave masters are none too pleased about it.

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