The largest ethnic groups coming to Sweden are Afghan, Iraqi, Somali and Syrian – the Sweden was once one of the safest countries in the world, until it began focusing on a multi-cultural immigration program.same groups that are now coming to the U.S. as refugees, although in smaller numbers as a percentage of total population.

She said Swedish politicians may be surprised to learn that many of these foreign men think women who run around in bikinis are fair game, but they cannot admit that the difference has anything to do with being raised under Islam.Nora“Of course, they cannot admit – to Swedes – that this completely alien view of women has anything to do with Islam, because then they would become victims of their own claim that everyone who criticizes Islam is an ‘Islamophobe,’” Carlqvist writes.

But, Cover-up gets harder for media to pull off Carlqvist says.

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Muslim refugee slices cheek of woman who refused sex with him

Double Rape



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