Open Letter to Government (Germany)

Coming to a city near you American!

There are few things as viscerally upsetting as watching civilization decline. Worse still is when that civilization actively takes steps to hasten its demise, to the applause of its people. It is a kind of illness which cannot be treated easily, and at this stage is probably incurable. What is happening to Germany, and your decisions regarding how it should be handled are not unique to your country alone, but your response is one which sets precedent for the rest of Europe. Many have acknowledged that Germany has a central leadership role on the continent, owing to its economic strength and central location, albeit one that you all find uncomfortable. But what I find more uncomfortable is the unflinching blindness with which the German state leads the German nation towards its submersion and demise. There are two reasons for this course, which I shall elaborate on: 1.) the notion that a country should be run as a labor market, and 2.) the notion that postwar Germany must exist in absolute and total opposition to its predecessor. These blinders are the most powerful ideas in German metapolitics and have made Germany into what could effectively be called Anti-Germany. You are at the helm of this state.

Why does the German state support the mass movement of non-Germans and Muslims into the area once governed as the nation-state of Germany?

Some groups neither mix nor coexist well enough to become assimilated. Muslims are one such group. Germany has millions of Muslims, overwhelmingly of immigrant background. “Muslim” is a much stronger identity than multiculturalism or pluralism. And for the first time in centuries it has an opportunity to conquer the West.

A Germany that ceases to be German is not worth the twenty pieces of silver. You are creating a future in which your people will not have control over their own country and homeland, or not even exist at all.

More here.


Germans Leaving Germany


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