A Great “Mad” Woman

Madhushree Ghosh said:

I moved to America, the land of opportunities, as a woman in science, a place where my voice wouldn’t be stifled, where I can have a career in writing and cancer diagnostics. I listened to Khizr Khan. I listened to the Access Hollywood tapes. I watched women wearing shirts with homemade signs saying, Trump— you can grab that, with an arrow pointing to their vaginas.

I told myself, “November 8th will be wonderful. We will elect one of our own. We will tell the world how it’s done.” As a daughter of refugees, where my parents walked as children from East Pakistan to India, I was voting for equality, freedom, and justice. Now, I feel defeated. But I’m a scientist and I look at facts. The fact is that our candidate lost. Now we must rise, stay strong, and regroup.

Madhushree I believe you will still have equality, freedom and justice.  Your woman candidate was a weak candidate after all.  I believe she believed she deserved this place but there was no fire in her belly.  There are many great women in this country and you very well may be one of them.  You are willing to speak in defeat and that is so commendable.  You will be stronger through this trial.


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