A President Trump and Muslims

Omer Aziz wrote about what the election of Donald Trump means for Muslims in the USA.Image result for donald trump  
 Omer said “In electing Trump, America has broken its sacred promise to us.”   My question is what “sacred” promise?  For citizens of the USA, we are told that we have life, liberty and pursuit of happiness in the D of I.  Note happiness is not promised–just the right to pursue it and that for citizens.   That I am aware, nothing is promised to non-citizens.
I have a friend who is in the USA on a work visa and he recently had an unfortunate connection with the justice system.  Now he has a lawyer and is trying to avoid a charge altogether.  If something hits his record, he could be deported within a month.  I love them–he and his family.  But, just a small violation can be very serious.

My friend did something he should not have done!  Residents with proper documentation have nothing to worry about.

That brings me to “undocumented.” In what civil society around the world can a person reside with no papers nor documentation? Enough on that issue.

…as people who come from the edges of society, we know what the face of white terror looks like and what Trump’s victory means for our future. There is no silver lining.

Mr. Aziz lists himself as a Muslim but he admits elsewhere that he is agnostic to the Muslim faith and is a cultural Muslim essentially.  He was raised, as far as I can tell, in Canada.  Here I find it fascinating that he would refer to “white terror.”  I know what terror is in the Islamic context but I don’t know what terror he might expect.

I did hear that there is an uptick in the recruitment of Klan members in the South but I know the South pretty well and I don’t think we conservative, populist and liberal southerners will stand for that type of hate in our environment.  I certainly have a disdain for it.  It is vulgar and no longer has a place in America.

Mr. Aziz goes on to say that the right-wing fringe believe that all minorities are inferior to the white race.  He did not quality “right-wing fringe”, but the phrase was used in the context of the KKK so certainly most of the KKK feels that way but, in discussing the white race in the USA, please be perceptive.   Whites aren’t all alike.

Don’t lump all minorities together–they are very different and to counter your point, many minorities do vote in this country.  They have the right to vote and they exercise that right.

We have spent our youth distancing ourselves from terrorists and condemning terrorism, all in an effort to prove to white society that we are not monsters but human beings. White America responded to our struggle by electing a monster of their own.

Distancing yourself from terror and terrorism is fantastic!   I want to be as far away from terror as possible and certainly condemn all terrorist acts regardless of race.

We do not believe that you or other Muslims or cultural Muslims are monsters.  I have to weigh in here on the many immigrants to the West from Syria and Iraq in addition to other Muslims who just want to get out.  I am appalled from the news about all the “no go” Islamic zones in certain European countries.    I do not understand why that is allowed.   There seems to be among some of the communities a resistance to assimilation into the culture of the residing country.  That does not work in a free society.  Assimilation is critical to all democracies as they exist around the world.

In my study of Islam, my favorite thought from Muhammad was “lower your gaze.” That phrase related to women when they approach or a man is around a woman.  It speaks to honoring the woman and keeping the man’s thoughts above reproach.   Muhammad is to be commended for this concept.  However,  it seems that many of the immigrants to the west were not properly train by their teachers.  In fact,  I believe if Muhammad were here today he would say the man or boy: “If you see a woman in a slinky outfit, turn and go another direction.”   Slinky dress is not an invitation to sex nor rape.  What gives among these European immigrants from Muslim lands?

We elected a “monster” in the USA a few days ago.  I just saw Mr. Trump on TV with Mr. Obama and he seemed cordial and diplomatic to me.   I looked at all 4 candidates for President and considered seriously 3 of them.    I must say that you do not know Hillary Clinton.   You don’t know her history in Arkansas and all of the evil she was involved in there including illicit relationships with men and women. There is a trail of death that started in Arkansas and followed the Clintons to Washington, D. C. and then back to Arkansas during their stay in Washington and New York.

Men have been convicted for doing much less than she with secret/confidential/classified government intelligence.  A private server outside a firewall is a huge violation not an honest mistake.  She knew exactly what she was doing.  Hillary Clinton totally abdicated her duty as Secretary of State during the Benghazi affair.  The Clinton Foundation is in no way a foundation as defined by the law.  We do not know how many violations of law are occurring through that foundation.   The Clinton era of privilege is over.

Lastly,  I could not vote for her because it did not appear that she had the stamina to serve 4 years more.  I do not honestly think she could endure the pace required.  We will see how Mr. Trumps holds up.

Mr. Aziz,  you have a beautiful mother.  She sounds like she is being very level headed, however, she is not in the USA experiencing what you are experiencing with this election.  She is benevolent to give Mr. Trump a chance.

We make so much of politics when so much of what a President and Congress can do is make a better economy in the country.   That helps all citizens and other residents.  Improving the economic status of this country would be a great accomplishment.   We have been economically stymied for a long while.  President Clinton was great for the economy.  I am not sure what happened under Obama.

We have a huge, huge national debt and no one has the backbone to deal with it.   Many Americans are fed up with those who just ignore the problem and Mr. Obama has certainly done that so we need for Mr. Trump to be bold and take bold steps to reduce the debt.

Full article here.

Mr. Aziz I commend you for the topics and content of many of your recent articles at NewRepublic.com.  They are timely and I align with many of your major points in those articles.  I wish you well on you J.D. pursuits at Yale.





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