Stop complaining about the Electoral College

I have heard these complaints before.  One of my friends on Fackbook says the electoral More: Speak Out blogcollege is antiquated.  I have made these complaints myself in years past.  EVEN, Donald Trump has said the electoral college should be abolished.

We complain because we are ignorant. (Right now we have some who are just compainers.) I’ll face it, I was ignorant when I complained.  Then I realized the founders of this great nation were smarter than Donald Trump or I.  They understood political equality and they devised a wise plan for everyone, no matter where you live to feel your vote counted and contributed.

I recommend the link under “Hillary Clinton” below.

For those complaining about the Electoral College, it makes sure that just a few large populous states can’t run roughshod over all of the other smaller states. Without the Electoral College, California, New York, and Illinois would dictate what the other states would have to accept, like it or not. And as a side note, this year Donald Trump won almost twice as many states as Hillary Clinton, so what would’ve been more unfair, a few states winning or the majority of states winning? Look up the definition of federalism, that is what we are.

The last paragraph from the Chicago Tribune Speak Out section.


Don’t Listen to the Mob


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