There is a Racist Party in America

The MSM Is Right: There Is a Racist Party in America

The mainstream media (MSM) are right.  There is a political party today that has racism as a core value and is working incessantly to keep blacks down.  It’s the Democratic Party.  Of course, since Democrat politicians never say what they really believe, most Democrat voters aren’t aware they’re supporting racism.
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In America, thousands of blacks are shot each year in Democrat-run cities, yet Democrats who run those cities with an iron fist do nothing that works to fix the problem.  While one could believe that a non-racist might think for a few years that gun control actually protects law-abiding blacks, only someone who doesn’t have black interests at heart could continue to believe so after decades of failure.

Note too that it’s not thousands of whites who are getting shot in Chiraq (that is, Chicago), nor is it white neighborhoods where it’s unsafe during the day.  If you’re black, you’re 12 times more likely to be shot than if you’re white in Chiraq, where Democrats have ruled since dinosaurs roamed the Illinois plains.

Democrats got far more riled up about a police officer shooting a black criminal in self-defense…

Democrats are also big fans of Planned Parenthood even though PP’s founder was an avowed racist who viewed blacks as inferior.  It’s possible to be pro-choice but not a racist, of course.  But it makes one wonder why Democrats aren’t upset about the fact that the leading cause of death for black Americans is abortion.  That Democrats continue to laud PP even though 79% of PP “clinics” are in or near minority neighborhoods is also strange if Democrats really care about blacks.The recent call by Democrats for taxpayer funding of abortions because that will “save money” is nothing less than saying that aborting the babies of people on welfare will save money.  Note that when rich liberal Democrats talk about people on welfare, it’s really unlikely that they’re thinking about whites.

If Democrat politicians really aren’t racists, it’s odd that there are no Democrats saying abortion should be legal but that we should do something about the fact that a black woman is five times more likely to have an abortion than a white woman.

Then there’s welfare.  The entire supposed pivot of Democrats on racism is based on their support for welfare, which “rescued” blacks from poverty.

That hasn’t worked too well, given that black poverty is still twice that of white poverty.

More importantly, welfare has contributed to the destruction of the black family and the resulting culture that makes it very hard for even very dedicated blacks to escape the ghetto.  With 70% of blacks born to single mothers and with being in a single-parent family being the strongest correlation with drug use, criminality, teen pregnancy, and poverty, people who care about blacks, like the Republicans who pushed for welfare reform, would demand change.

If Democrats cared about blacks, they’d have noticed the problem by the 1970s and tried to fix it.  Instead…

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