Christianity in the Crosshairs

Global elites put Christianity in the crosshairs

The term global governance refers to the political dimension of globalization. Here the question is to what degree governance will be centralized and controlled by international institutions in ways that threaten to diminish national and local governmental capacity. Global governance advocates tend to prefer both transnational regulation of markets and the creation of new human rights norms marked by increased centralization.

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The traditional teachings of Christianity, rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ, are a major target for advocates of global governance. They have adopted the mantle of peace, justice, human rights, and humanitarian advocacy—the social gospel of the Church—but have systematically attacked the Church as an institution, the traditional family and traditional moral values, and love of country and love of God. They seek to supplant the Church’s historical role in the provision of corporal works of mercy. They are opponents of religious liberty and even of freedom of conscience.

This sinister version of global governance is a sign of our times. It is fed at an ever-increasing rate by the globalization of electronic communication. The internet and social media—in their own rights great boons to modern life—too often foster antihuman agendas from internet pornography and sexual abuse to global criminal syndicalism and transnational terrorist recruitment and advocacy.

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