The Divided States of America

Trump is Time’s Person of the Year but there is a catch…

It isn’t Donald Trump and a resurgent right that have divided the country. America was divided long before the election campaigns got underway – by progressives and their messiah Barack Obama.

Powered by the subversive strategy of cultural Marxism, progressivism is the politics of identity, and it is by its very nature divisive. Identity politics ghettoizes Americans into rigid categories of race, gender, and class in order to pit supposedly victimized minorities against the supposedly oppressive white, heteronormative, capitalist power structure.

That’s why the left claims paradoxically that there is strength in diversity – diversity of skin color and gender, but absolute conformity of thought – and why the left’s strategy is not to debate policy or counter facts with facts, but to relentlessly demonize straight white middle Americans as the source of evil, greed, and bigotry.


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