U.S. Hate Crimes Surge 6%

This data is from November, 2016.  I read this article prompted by the recent Kansas attack on Indian Engineers.  Vigilantes put down your weapons.

Begin article clip:

The F.B.I. reported Monday that attacks against American Muslims surged last year, driving an overall increase in hate crime against all groups.

The data, which is the most comprehensive look at hate crime nationwide, expanded on previous findings by researchers and outside monitors, who have noted an alarming rise in some types of crimes tied to the vitriol of this year’s presidential campaign and the aftermath of terrorist attacks at home and abroad since 2015.

That trend appears to have spiked in just the last week, with civil rights groups and news organizations reporting dozens of verbal or physical assaults on minorities and others that appear to have been fueled by divisions over the election.

In its report on Monday, the F.B.I. cataloged a total of 5,818 hate crimes in 2015 — a rise of about 6 percent over the previous year — including assaults, bombings, threats, and property destruction against minorities, women, gays and others.

Attacks against Muslim Americans saw the biggest surge. There were 257 reports of assaults, attacks on mosques and other hate crimes against Muslims last year, a jump of about 67 percent over 2014. It was the highest total since 2001, when more than 480 attacks occurred in the aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks.

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Lesbian falls in love with man!

So what else is new!  The rest of the title is: “becomes world’s first lesbian heterosexual” Picture Hmmm!   I don’t think so.  My friend’s daughter was in a lesbian relationship for years and even had a child.  She is divorced and has married a man.  This will happen more often in our sexually and gender-confused society.

Now Ash Fisher just married a male but still claims to be a lesbian.  Maybe she forgot to use the dictionary to get the definition of the word?  Her story is detailed here.   Continue reading “Lesbian falls in love with man!”


I am keenly interested in Sweden and the cultural shifts taking place there.   I’ve watched reports from there long before Donald Trump took office, so I know about the crime, no-go zones, anti-assimilation and more.

Now the New York Times is picking up on the story after President Trump made a comment about the chaos in Sweden. But it seems from a Front Page reporter, that there is denial round and round on both sides of the ocean. Continue reading “LAST NIGHT IN SWEDEN”

Obama Isn’t Giving up Easily

Obama’s Shadow Government Is Organizing To Undermine Trump

The leaks that led to Michael Flynn’s resignation are just the beginning. Obama and his loyalists in and outside government are working to undermine Trump.

The bizarre scandal now unfolding over the resignation of national security advisor Michael Flynn is a case in point. Flynn’s resignation was prompted by a series of coordinated and anonymous leaks from current and former Obama administration officials in our domestic intelligence agencies. Continue reading “Obama Isn’t Giving up Easily”

Backward Women

The title is only for enticing.  Politically, these days, many are blinded by what is behind the drama.  Perhaps I too, some of the time.

Women’s Movement Leader: Linda Sarsour, is considered a trojan horse.   She is bridging a gap that she knows will fall some day when the truth comes out.  Even many of the blind will wake up and reject her real ideology.  It will come out and someone else will take the helm or the Women’s Movement will subside or completely morph.

Here is a note from the Gladstone Institute on Sarsour:

The hypocrisy is that Sarsour’s bold lifestyle in the US portrays that deep down she herself loathes the suppressing conditions that she promotes for the poor women of the Muslim world, who actually have to live with them. Coming from a conservative Muslim society, I know the culture she yearns for would never allow her to launch such activism without permission from her “guardian” men.

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The Pope Just Called American Employers ‘Bloodsuckers’

I picked this up from a site called Addicting Info.   Maybe not so addicting.

They feature the Pope who apparently slammed American companies at a Vatican mass.  He told a story of an American worker he feels was exploited by the company she worked for.   It appears the Pope referred to the lady’s employer as “bloodsuckers.”

I am sure many employers could better compensate their employees in America as well as Argentina and even Italy.  I know many American employers who do a great job of managing and compensating their employees.  I worked for a great corporation in America who really did treat it’s employees well per compensation and benefits.

What I don’t get about the Addicting Info article is the following:

Now, we know how hard Republicans fight against basic health care for all. We also know how hard they fight against a living wage, but we hear little about pensions, unless it’s about companies stealing pensions from their employees. The Pope didn’t mention that “bloodsucking” tactic. The fact is, though, that Republicans don’t like pensions any more than they like healthcare or paid time off. They are doing their best to end them, whether it be public pensions or through destroying unions. Remind me, who are the Christians here?

… the concluding paragraph of the short article.   Does anyone notice anything missing here?  I know Republicans have a majority in Washington, D.C. but Republicans do not control or own all major corporations in America.   There are just as many Democrats who are officers and board members.  So, if companies are cheating on benefits and compensation, then there are as many Democrats involved as there Republicans.

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