The Pope Just Called American Employers ‘Bloodsuckers’

I picked this up from a site called Addicting Info.   Maybe not so addicting.

They feature the Pope who apparently slammed American companies at a Vatican mass.  He told a story of an American worker he feels was exploited by the company she worked for.   It appears the Pope referred to the lady’s employer as “bloodsuckers.”

I am sure many employers could better compensate their employees in America as well as Argentina and even Italy.  I know many American employers who do a great job of managing and compensating their employees.  I worked for a great corporation in America who really did treat it’s employees well per compensation and benefits.

What I don’t get about the Addicting Info article is the following:

Now, we know how hard Republicans fight against basic health care for all. We also know how hard they fight against a living wage, but we hear little about pensions, unless it’s about companies stealing pensions from their employees. The Pope didn’t mention that “bloodsucking” tactic. The fact is, though, that Republicans don’t like pensions any more than they like healthcare or paid time off. They are doing their best to end them, whether it be public pensions or through destroying unions. Remind me, who are the Christians here?

… the concluding paragraph of the short article.   Does anyone notice anything missing here?  I know Republicans have a majority in Washington, D.C. but Republicans do not control or own all major corporations in America.   There are just as many Democrats who are officers and board members.  So, if companies are cheating on benefits and compensation, then there are as many Democrats involved as there Republicans.

Read full article here.


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