Backward Women

The title is only for enticing.  Politically, these days, many are blinded by what is behind the drama.  Perhaps I too, some of the time.

Women’s Movement Leader: Linda Sarsour, is considered a trojan horse.   She is bridging a gap that she knows will fall some day when the truth comes out.  Even many of the blind will wake up and reject her real ideology.  It will come out and someone else will take the helm or the Women’s Movement will subside or completely morph.

Here is a note from the Gladstone Institute on Sarsour:

The hypocrisy is that Sarsour’s bold lifestyle in the US portrays that deep down she herself loathes the suppressing conditions that she promotes for the poor women of the Muslim world, who actually have to live with them. Coming from a conservative Muslim society, I know the culture she yearns for would never allow her to launch such activism without permission from her “guardian” men.

More here.


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