Lesbian falls in love with man!

So what else is new!  The rest of the title is: “becomes world’s first lesbian heterosexual” Picture Hmmm!   I don’t think so.  My friend’s daughter was in a lesbian relationship for years and even had a child.  She is divorced and has married a man.  This will happen more often in our sexually and gender-confused society.

Now Ash Fisher just married a male but still claims to be a lesbian.  Maybe she forgot to use the dictionary to get the definition of the word?  Her story is detailed here.  

Ed Straker’s conclusion in the article is: “I think Ash is giving us insight into what lesbianism is really all about.  It’s a cultural fad.  It’s a political statement.  It’s not necessarily a sexual orientation.  Ash is not the first, second, third, or even 1,000th lesbian to give up the lifestyle to go back to men.  If sexual orientation were immutable at birth, as many gays claim, how could someone like Ash go back and forth?”


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