Evidence EPA Uses ‘Secret Science’

We need less politically-oriented and more level-headed science guiding the discussions and policy in the United States.   What has happened to the scientific method?  The scientific method destroys presupposition and bias.

The Environmental Protection Agency and other activists have long used “secret science”—another way of saying fake science or junk science—to justify job-killing regulations, legislation, and massive tax-dollar expenditures.

Even as they lobbied against the confirmation of their new boss, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, 15,000 unionized EPA scientists, regulators, policy wonks, and attorneys have been using unverifiable, unrepeatable “scientific” studies to undermine the rights of property owners, businesses, and employees. Just ask coal miners or farmers with ponds on their land just how much they appreciate being “protected” by the EPA.

Spending Decrease Proposals

On just one, the EPA.  The Environmental PROTECTION Agency is no longer protecting the environment.  She is creating hell on earth for farmers and private land owners.  Her regulations are out of control.  She has infringed on so many rights of American citizens and it is a very serious matter.   Lastly, much of the money is spent on establishing that the temperature is going up in America.  OK, we get it, the temperature is going up.  Stop measuring and come up with very practical ways that humans can help delay temperature increases in America.  Don’t just keep spending the budget on measuring the temperature.

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Europe’s Lesson Teaches Us: Don’t Go Green

If you listen to the media narrative on climate change and “clean energy,” you’d think Europe's Lesson Teaches Us: Don't Go Greenthat the rest of the world has moved smartly and seamlessly toward 21st century green energy while the U.S. is the high-polluting laggard that just won’t get with the program to save the planet.

Think again. The green energy revolution around the world has turned into a big green meltdown, with many nations sprinting away from “renewable” energy with the speed of Usain Bolt. Continue reading “Europe’s Lesson Teaches Us: Don’t Go Green”

The MOST Taxpayer Plan in Decades

That is the Citizens Against Government Waste(CAGW) thoughts about the Presidents budget proposal.  Here are a few details the CAGW noted:

Most notably, the Trump budget proposal includes the elimination of many programs that have been identified by CAGW as wasteful for years in Prime Cuts and the Congressional Pig Book, such as the Appalachian Regional Commission, Corporation for National and Community Service, Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Delta Regional Authority, Denali Commission, Institute of Museum and Library Services, Legal Services Corporation, National Endowment for the Humanities, National Endowment for the Arts, Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation, Overseas Private Investment Corporation, and the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.  These programs have also been identified as wasteful by the Government Accountability Office and agency Inspectors General.

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Is Kemper Clean Coal Plant a Climate Change Boondoggle?

Southern Company, in an era of scarcity of natural gas and climate change hysteria, proposed to the federal government a clean coal gasification process and plant.  That plant was built in Kemper County, Mississippi.  The plant can burn natural gas and produce electricity but it was designed to burn dirty coal by turning it into a gas for burning. Continue reading “Is Kemper Clean Coal Plant a Climate Change Boondoggle?”

Executive Order ‘Allows’ Leaks

Obama signed an executive order in his final days saying all intelligence agencies can share information. He did it to trap Trump, knowing career Democrat bureaucrats would be able to leak something on Trump. About 90% of D.C. government employees are Democrats. Clearly, Obama did not want this law in place when his was “the most transparent administration in history.” Obama signing that executive order with just days to go in his administration was as magnanimous as Thomas Jefferson freeing his slaves in his will.   — Ron Hart

New rules issued by the Obama administration under Executive Order 12333 will let the NSA—which collects information under that authority with little oversight, transparency, or concern for privacy—share the raw streams of communications it intercepts directly with agencies including the FBI, the DEA, and the Department of Homeland Security, according to a report today by the New York Times.

The Executive Order does not give companies protection from liability when they share information; lawmakers will have to do that through legislation. This has been a sticking point for civil liberties groups with many of the cybersecurity laws proposed so far. When companies discuss legal immunity it harkens back to the immunity that lawmakers gave telecoms after the Bush administration’s warrantless surveillance program was unearthed in 2005. As WIRED reported in 2006, AT&T had installed a secret room at a facility in San Francisco believed to have been used by the NSA for monitoring communications crossing fiberoptic cables.


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