Evidence EPA Uses ‘Secret Science’

We need less politically-oriented and more level-headed science guiding the discussions and policy in the United States.   What has happened to the scientific method?  The scientific method destroys presupposition and bias.

The Environmental Protection Agency and other activists have long used “secret science”—another way of saying fake science or junk science—to justify job-killing regulations, legislation, and massive tax-dollar expenditures.

Even as they lobbied against the confirmation of their new boss, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, 15,000 unionized EPA scientists, regulators, policy wonks, and attorneys have been using unverifiable, unrepeatable “scientific” studies to undermine the rights of property owners, businesses, and employees. Just ask coal miners or farmers with ponds on their land just how much they appreciate being “protected” by the EPA.

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He cited “secret science”—a kind of questionable science “based on non-public information,” including scientific claims “that could not be reproduced” by other scientists—the EPA is using to formulate job-crushing regulations. This so-called secret science is the technological equivalent of the “fake news” the mainstream media has come under fire for since President Trump’s inauguration.

Using fake science by adjusting findings to deliver specific results appears to be an international trend. An example is the World Health Organization’s cancer agency, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), which has come under industry and congressional scrutiny after delivering claims about supposed carcinogens such as coffee that it later had to withdraw. It has also been caught directing scientists to hide or destroy the data they used to justify their claims about alleged carcinogens.

More here.



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