Bill Nye gets schooled

Bill Nye…accused CNN of doing a “disservice” to its audience on Saturday by having a real scientist on their network to discuss climate change.

Nye, non-scientist, appeared with William Happer, Princeton University Physicist on CNN to discuss the science of climate change.More

Congress Investigates Climate Study

Image result for climate change…after Whistleblower Exposes Fake Science

Congress is ramping up its investigation into a key climate study, now under further scrutiny after a federal whistleblower raised more questions about it this week. The scandal some are referring to as “Climategate Two” (you can learn about the first Climategate here) is quickly escalating after Dr. John Bates, a former top scientist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), exposed how an ex-colleague mishandled a report on global warming right before a major international climate conference in 2015.More


A South Carolina teenager plead guilty to gun charges after officials say he plotted toZakaryia Abdin attack a US military base in hopes of joining ISIS.

And he’s back…

An 18-year-old Ladson man appeared in federal court Friday following his arrest on charges he intended to join ISIS.

Zakaryia Abdin was arrested at the Charleston International Airport Thursday night, according to Assistant U.S. Attorney Lance Crick. Abdin was arrested by special agents of the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force before he boarded an outbound flight.


The Climate is Changing

The earth’s climate has always changed!  The scientist and politicians today who are making an issue out of climate change are not dealing with data.  EXCEPT, that they have scientists or meteorologists who are measuring temperatures around the world.   They report warmer temperatures each year over the last couple of years.   To be honest I don’t think that is much to be concerned about.  Will sea waters rise?  Yes, just a bit but again nothing to be too concerned about per all that I see and read.More