The Climate is Changing

The earth’s climate has always changed!  The scientist and politicians today who are making an issue out of climate change are not dealing with data.  EXCEPT, that they have scientists or meteorologists who are measuring temperatures around the world.   They report warmer temperatures each year over the last couple of years.   To be honest I don’t think that is much to be concerned about.  Will sea waters rise?  Yes, just a bit but again nothing to be too concerned about per all that I see and read.

This chart represents the earth’s temperature history up to the last ice age.

Life existed during these periods of extreme mean or average temperature change on the earth.  Human life did not exist during these periods of temperature oscillation.  Higher life forms require a more stable temperature as in the following chart:

 Note the temperature stability arriving around 8 thousand years ago.  That temperature fine tuning allows mankind to thrive on earth along with warm blooded-animals.

Over the last 8000 years the mean or average temperature has moved up and down still.  The point is that temperature averages over the whole earth change over time.  Temperature averages changing is not uncommon.   Temperature averages changing is not alarming or shocking.  We need not worry or be too concerned with temperature averages changing.  We can be thankful that the oscillation is not nearly so drastic as it once was on the earth.  This earth will support life with complex organisms with the current temperature stability.  No need for alarm unless we see drastic drops or elevation in mean temperature.

Aaaah!   I can relax…and so can you!


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