New York Times Columnist Flipped on Climate Change

Robinson Meyer of the Atlantic is now doing articles on climate change.  Mr Meyer has a degree in music per his LinkedIn account.

He calls Bret Stephens of the New York TImes a Never Trumper and quotes him on  the successive decades  temperature rise.


Since 1880—and I’d have to look it up—but according to the IPCC [Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change], we’ve had about 1.7 degrees of rising temperatures.

The best scientific evidence suggests temperatures are rising, and the best scientific evidence suggests man-made anthropogenic carbon emissions have some substantial thing to do with that.

However, does that mean the trend will continue forever? We don’t know. Does this mean we will reach the upper bounds of what climate scientists fear? We aren’t sure. There are uncertainties in all of this.

Then Mr Meyer goes here: “There is an astonishing leap between the second and third paragraph. Stephens is arguing the following: The meteorological data shows that the world is getting warmer. Anthropogenic carbon emissions are causing that warmth, just as scientists have been warning for decades.”

Human-caused or anthropogenic temperature changes are not conclusive.  The human contribution to C02 in the atmosphere is between 30 and 70 % depending on the model and the data sources used.  Thus, the human contribution is truly still in question.  Other factors not withstanding.

Meyer also generalizes: ” An American conservative who understands modern climate science is a rarity.”   I take direct issue with that statement.  Many American conservatives understand modern climate science as well as it can be understood.  Many Americans understand the ancient climate history also, including periods of radical temperature vacillation.  Animals, plants and man adapted to some of these periods of vacillation.

More here.

Other articles by Mr. Meyer.



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