Climate and Evolution

We know from history that species of animals and large population of animals have died or been killed off by change in climate.  There have been dramatic shifts of  temperature in earth’s history.   This resulted in extinction for some animals and plants.  The shifts were not due to human habitation. They were a result of the temperature shift.

An axiom of the theory of evolution is “survival of the fittest.”  The axiom still applies today, especially in the animal kingdom.   The point to be made is that if and when the climate changes, some animals within a species will be able to adapt and some will not.  Similarly, some species will be able to adapt and some, not equipped to make the required adaptation for survival will not survive.  Life has progressed that way on this planet for as long as there has been life on the planet.

Thus the question: Should we assume that that adaptation or lack of it continues to occur into the future with warming and cooling of the climate which has seemingly occurred on this planet for several billion years?   Why is the change in climate such a factor just now?  Can we be content for life to go on as it has for these many years and adaptation of species to that change as in the past?



Quaternary Extinction

Animals Killed by Comet

Sea Life Changed by Ice Age


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