More Productive Ways To Talk About Climate Change

Rachel Martin talks to climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe, who stresses how unproductive it is to label someone a “climate denier.”

Ms. Hayhoe has found a way to find agreement without castigating people and their beliefs.  I personally believe in the responses to proposed climate change that Ms. Hayhoe gives at the end of the interview.End of interview…

… you look at that map and you say, well, clearly more science education is the answer. But what the social science research has showed is that facts aren’t what changed people’s minds. Viable solutions are what people can often agree on first. So you keep on going through these maps and they say, do you support funding research for renewable energy? Everybody does. Do you support requiring utilities to produce a certain amount of their energy from renewable sources? Yep, everybody does. Do you support limiting CO2 emissions from power plants? You know what? Most people actually do.

We can agree on solutions even if we’re not on board with the science. And often by agreeing on solutions it actually goes back and can somehow, you know, backwards change our minds. When we feel like we’re part of a solution to something, we’re more willing to say it’s real than when we feel like the solutions are completely unpalatable. And our ideology and our sense of the way the world works is just in complete conflict with the solutions that we think there are.

Read this story Or, listen by clicking the arrow, upper left.  Thanks.





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