Civil Rights Under Fire

I just watched Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire.   The documentary is about the right toImage result bear arms, own guns and the pros and cons of gun use and ownership.   The bottom line, however, is that gun ownership and proper use of guns both are rights and guaranteed by the U. S. Constitution.

Interestingly, the documentary notes that both Stalin and Hitler banned gun ownership by citizens before committing some of the most violent and horrendous crimes against those citizens.   More

Bernie Sanders in Violation of the Constitution

I tend to team with Russell Moore of the SBC on Senator Bernie Sanders and the hearing on Russell Vought.  However, I Sen. Bernie Sanders Defends His Attack On Christianshave to say that I see the Senator as one who does not understand even the basics of his religious heritage as a Jew.   He is not a Jew religiously.  He needs to read the Old Testament to understand what Judaism means.