Attacks On America’s First Freedom

Don’t know America’s First Freedom?  Stay tuned.

The attack has “increased 76 Percent In Three Years.”


On America’s birthday (that was July 4th), it is appropriate to be thankful and reflect on how we can guard against the suppression of religious freedom, before it is too late.

More than 200 years ago, the young United States was learning to walk in its freshly won freedom and the Constitution born of it. Our experiment in self-governance, based on the idea that our Creator endowed all of us with certain inalienable rights as reflected in our Declaration of Independence, was unique in the history of the world.

Among these rights—which we recognize are not given by government but granted by God—is our right to religious freedom. Its importance is signified by the fact that it precedes all the other rights listed in the amendments to our Constitution.

In our early years, imperfect to be sure, as a nation we nevertheless persisted and advanced to embrace the ideal of religious freedom articulated in the First Amendment to our Constitution. That we are still governed by the same Constitution after more than 200 years is itself a miracle, and speaks to the vigilance Americans have exercised and must continue to exercise to guard our freedom.

Yes, the Hostility to Religous Freedom Is Growing

More here.


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