The Term, Climate Change

                                                              What does this chart tell you about “climate change”?
                                                               What does this chart tell you about “climate change”?

I see in the chart above that 10,000 years ago and further into the earth’s history for thousands of years the temperature was changing radically.   Temperature change is a reality.  No person who understand some basic scientific truths denies that the temperature change and pretty much constantly.  

During this history,  the temperature changed dramatically and life then was much more dependent on temperature variations.  It is probably safe to say that the shifts in temperature during these years caused death to many living creatures due to the dramatic shifts that took place.

During these periods there was climate change like living creatures on the earth right now have never experienced.  Look at 40,000 years plus but not quite 50,000 years ago.  The global mean temperature averages ~ 59 degrees Fahrenheit. A couple of thousand years later the global mean temperature was down to 43 degrees Fahrenheit.  That is a dramatic cooling.

That brings me back to definitions.  We see temperature changing.  We see dramatic shifts in temperature over many thousands of years.  That means the climate is changing.  Temperature change and climate change is nothing new.  Climate change is still happening and will continue to happen.

This chart shows the same data but extended into 2015.  What is revealed now is that there is a dramatic decrease in the variability of mean temperature over the last 10,000 years on the earth.  The temperature still changes and Climate change is still occurring.  The variation in temperatures is much smaller than had been experienced in earth’s earlier history.

The decrease in variability has allowed for greater agricultural production and the ability to feed many more people than previously possible.   Many other benefits are becoming evident as well.

This charts shows that our earth has a much more stable climate right now than in the distant past.  We will look at other data to show what is going on with the earth’s climate in this recent history.


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