Is the Globe Warming?

Yes, the globe has warmed  and will continue to warm perhaps.

The earth is in an interglacial.   What is an interglacial?  An interglacial is a time period when the ice coverage of the earth’s surface is about 10 percent.  Per Dr Hugh Ross, we’ve been in an interglacial for the past 12,000 years.  I am not sure if that means the earth’s temperature has been gradually warming during the 12,000 years. At some point the temperature has increased to allow only 10% coverage of the surface by ice.

The North American ice coverage looks something like this:

When not in an interglacial period, that is, up to 20% of ice coverage, the continent looks something like this:

The rallying cry for global warming is thousands of years too late!  The earth at some point in our recent history warmed to clear half the ice which was present on the earth.   This clearing happened long before the scientist and politicians began talking about the earth’s warming.

I believe there are implications to real scientific data about the earth and her atmosphere.  I intend to dig in more into the science and the data.

For more on ice ages and interglacials click here.




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