If You Died…

If you died, why should God let you into heaven?

Think about it. If you died today and stood before God in heaven and He asked you, “Why should I let you into Heaven?” what would you say to Him?

Prayerfully think about it and hold the answer in your mind.





I’ve checked my heart, and I’m resting in the grace of my Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ..

God’s hit my heart, and I’m truly rededicating my life to Jesus Christ today!.

I want to commit my life to Jesus Christ today.

Google: “Stop Discussing Diversity”

Google it seems does not want employees discussing diversity internally when there seems to be a problem with diversity within.  That is my take away from what happen to two of their employees.

Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California.
Google Headquarter, Califor

Full disclosure.  I found this data by “googling” it using a Chromebook through a Chrome browser.

Google executives stopped employees discussing diversity and hiring, claims former engineer

An exec allegedly told him: ‘If the majority of your coworkers are Nazis, it is better if you don’t know about it.’ Continue reading “Google: “Stop Discussing Diversity””

From Great Nation to Also-Ran

7 Factors Turning America From a Great Nation Into an Also-RanThe 7 Factors Turning America From a Great Nation Into an Also-Ran

Do you want to know them?

1) Debt

2) The Lack Of Production Capacity

3) Immigration

4) Cultural Degradation

5) Our Refusal to Take Nuclear Proliferation Seriously

6) A Broken Political System

7) Out of Control Government

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