Recent Findings on Islam

Below are current views of the philosophy, motivation, belief system and strategies of Islam.

Islam’s Bizarre Philosophical Problem

Learn why so few have tried to address it.  (This article shows why they can’t address it.) Here is their … More

Islam Must Be Stopped In America

Islam, the “religion of peace” is known worldwide for being the most blood-letting “religion” in history.  Due to Islam’s incivility, 2015 ranked highest is history for the number of Christians murdered in one year.  “…  more than 7,100 Christians were killed in 2015 for “faith-related reasons,” up 3,000 from the previous year …”

Islam in Europe

Islam Assimilation in Europe

Truth About ISLAM (not Muslim)

Investigating a mosque build moved a liberal to non-liberal.

Solving the Islamist Problem

The content below is worth featuring again, so here it is. I can’t find American Muslims who talk like this. … More

Islamists Won’t Thank Liberals

Hirsi Ali, who was raised Muslim in Somalia but has renounced her former religion, said the Islamist playbook is simple: … More

Radical Islam in Decline?

Dozens of recent terrorists attacks, a war in Syria and Iraq — is there hope? Is Radical Islam in decline. … More

The Plans of Radical Islam

There are sick things happening within the Muslim migration to Europe & America that I just can’t show.  Please listen … More

Sharia is Inseparable from Islam

British Muslims Identify ONLY with Islam and not with British freedoms, justice and values. Islam and Sharia are superior in … More
Islam is Nazism with a God

Solving the Islamist Problem

I can’t find American Muslims who talk like this.  This man is refreshing.  Listen to this first 15 minutes to … More


Here is a refreshing perspective on terrorism and it’s background ideology.  The full article may be found at Front Page … More

Don’t Say What You Think About Islam!

The title is not a random thought! It is a “command.”  That statement goes directly against the U. S. Constitution’s … More

Islam vs Christianity

I appreciate James Kirk Wall (or Church Wall) of the Chicago Now site attempting to compare Christian extremism and Islamic … More

Inaccurate Perceptions of Islam

The West doesn’t really get Islam per this speaker. He breaks his proposition down. Listen.

Islam is Changing Sweden

I have concerns about Sweden because my grandson has a Swedish girlfriend.  What’s happening in Sweden could come to America. … More

What Islam Really Says about Women

Per Alaa, Islam has been hijacked by its male leaders. Has Christianity been hijacked by male leaders?   To some … More

Faulty Muslim Justification for Terror Attack

The following represents the “muslim on the street” in America, Paterson, NJ no less.  They are neutral to very positive … More

Era of Mass Delusion

Do you remember Hitler?  Adolph Hitler?   Some who see this blog may not have heard of him.  He is not … More

Political View makes Others Invisible
Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Asra Q. Nomani appear before a senate panel to explain the plight of muslim women in … More

Backward Women

The title is only for enticing.  Politically, these days, many are blinded by what is behind the drama.  Perhaps I … More

Naivete About Muslim Immigration

Many Christians have been lulled into a childish view of the world and think that deep down Muslims are not … More

Taking on Refugees

Here is a well written article from the National Review on receiving refugees. Before Welcoming Thousands of Syrian Refugees, We … More

America’s “Arab Spring”

Could this be true? Nonie Darwish President Obama appears to have been told that if all these secular dictators could … More


The largest ethnic groups coming to Sweden are Afghan, Iraqi, Somali and Syrian – the same groups that are now coming … More

Allah allows Muslim Men to Rape!

Female al-Azhar professor: Allah allows Muslims to rape non-Muslim women The more I read about Sharia Law, the law that … More

Muslims Justify Killing Other Muslims

…and the kafir or non-muslims.  There is lots of death within Muslim communities and coming from Muslim communities. BY RAYMOND … More


Meet DR. AHMED AL-TAYEB and learn why the “moderate/radical” Muslim dichotomy is a farce. Raymond Ibrahim is a Shillman Fellow … More

10,000 Unvetted Refugees Settling In US

Amid Global Terror Wave, 10,000 Unvetted Syrian Refugees Settling In US On the heels of savage Islamic terrorist attacks in … More

Stealth Jihad in America

The Gulen movement is coming to a school near you. Related: Gulen Movement Glen Movement Exposed

Shariah: The Threat!

For nearly a decade since 9/11, America’s national security establishment’s understanding of the threat of Islamic terrorism and its approach … More

Muslim Options in the West

Here are two women who think radically about what they see in Islam and have turned away from its “standards” … More

Second Thoughts

I had second thoughts about putting up the data on Sharia law, CAIR, and OIC. When I watched this video … More

Lawfare Introduction

Never heard of Lawfare?   You are missing out and may be too late to do anything about.


Lawfare is used by activists to affect terror using the courts.

CAIR Cannot Be Trusted!

CAIR’s end goal is Muslim communities alienated from law enforcement and the wider American society, totally reliant … More


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