White Privilege

I had not thought of promoting white privilege. A much larger point is waiting in the wings.

Mr. Peterson may have nailed it!!!  White privilege is pseudonym for majority privilege.  Case in point:  after this line there is a video of reversal of privilege based on majority.

Were horrible crimes perpetrated on black families in South Africa under apartheid, no doubt there were.  I share these to show that because mankind is depraved and once advantage is realized, the depravity leads to asserting advantage.

That brings me to my conclusion:  privilege is not to be flaunted nor used as a tool of oppression.  Cultures tend to allow majority privilege regardless of the ethnicity of the majority.  Majority status does not oppression of any non-majority person!  Mr. Peterson’s point is however, well taken.  There are many characteristic a person is “given” that may produce advantage in life and over other people.  That is not the fault of the person(s) with advantage.

This is not an argument to promote oppression.  That is off the table here!



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