How the UK Aristocracy Preserved Power

The ideals and values of the Lords of the United Kingdom (at least for England, Wales and Scotland) do not include a true democracy nor do they value the common people or individual rights.   These Lords look out for themselves and their hierarchies only!

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The 1916 Irish Rebellion (or Rising) showed the world what England was really up to–domination for wealth extrication.  Actually the extrication had been going on for many years.  The Irish were finally fed up!

After democracy finally shunted aside hereditary lords, they found new means to protect their extravagant riches. For all the modern tales of noble poverty and leaking ancestral homes, their private wealth and influence remain phenomenal.

What is’t to us, if taxes rise or fall,
Thanks to our fortune, we pay none at all.” Continue reading “How the UK Aristocracy Preserved Power”

Obama and Farrakhan


Obama cozy to Farrakhan

The photographer, who worked for a Nation of Islam publication, said he suppressed the photo for 13 years at the request of CBC Democrats who wanted to protect Obama’s presidential aspirations. He released the photo in January.

Twenty-one current CBC members were part of the caucus in 2005 when Farrakhan attended a CBC meeting. TheDC reached out to all 21 members’ offices to ask if they were willing to denounce Farrakhan. None would.

Dear Annoying Parkland H. S. Kids!

Dear Annoying Parkland Kids: We Gave You A Pretty Awesome World, Try Not To Mess It Up        By           6, 2018

Dear Annoying Parkland Kids: We Gave You A Pretty Awesome World, Try Not To Mess It UpThe rational needs to rise to the top in the mass murder scenarios.  Thanks to Robert, he has done a very good job with actual data that relates to the high emotions which have been spent before us on live TV.  Sit back and look at the facts.

All the reasons for refusing to allow ourselves to be led by children were summed up in the latest coronation of the Parkland kids, this time by ancient leftist Bill Maher. Continue reading “Dear Annoying Parkland H. S. Kids!”