How the UK Aristocracy Preserved Power

The ideals and values of the Lords of the United Kingdom (at least for England, Wales and Scotland) do not include a true democracy nor do they value the common people or individual rights.   These Lords look out for themselves and their hierarchies only!

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The 1916 Irish Rebellion (or Rising) showed the world what England was really up to–domination for wealth extrication.  Actually the extrication had been going on for many years.  The Irish were finally fed up!

After democracy finally shunted aside hereditary lords, they found new means to protect their extravagant riches. For all the modern tales of noble poverty and leaking ancestral homes, their private wealth and influence remain phenomenal.

What is’t to us, if taxes rise or fall,
Thanks to our fortune, we pay none at all.” Continue reading “How the UK Aristocracy Preserved Power”


The “Muslim world” is built atop the spiritual genocide of non-Muslims.

Iraqi Archbishop Bashar Warda made the following observation during a recent speech:  “Having faced for 1,400 years the slow-motion genocide that began long before the ongoing ISIS genocide today, the time for excusing this inhuman behavior and its causes is long since passed.”

That Muslims have cleansed non-Muslim peoples by the sword since the seventh century to the present is of course factually well-documented.   But what of the more subtle “slow-motion genocide”?  How does that work?  The answer is connected to another question:  Why did so many non-Muslims become Muslim in the first place?

Many modern day Muslims and Western apologists claim that the ancestors of today’s 1.5 billion Muslims converted to Islam due to its intrinsic appeal; that the modern day coercion and persecution committed by the Islamic State and others is an aberration.

Conversely, many Muslim and non-Muslim historical records make clear that most people embraced Islam, not out of sincere faith, but for a myriad of reasons—from converting in order to enjoy the boons of being on the “winning team” to converting in order to evade the dooms of being on the “losing team.”

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