Corporation Free-Speech Hypocrisy

The first amendment to the Constitution of the United States is under attack.  That could be said for other amendments/sections of the Constitution as well.

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The guy on the left has rights, he is an American. However, he is using his corporate pulpit to squelch the rights of much smaller guys.   Tim Cook along with other corporate bullies are undermining the meaning of the First Amendment.   His interpretations are biased.   He believes the 1st Amendment means: “free speech for me, but not for thee.” Continue reading “Corporation Free-Speech Hypocrisy”

Americanized Christianity

I am taking my queues from the Reflector, a Mississippi State University campus paper. Image result for bible and american flag The article’s author seems to think that Christians in American have Americanized Christianity.

My insight is that most every culture adapts the writings of the the Holy Bible to their culture.   In some ways God through His Word encourages that.   In fact, His Word was written over a period of hundreds of years and comes through people from  several cultures and from several nations. Continue reading “Americanized Christianity”

Will Christianity be Driven Back into the Catacombs?

Devin, the author of the article I am going to quote from below, believes that Christians in America are headed underground and to the catacombs.  I am not so sure that will happen here but I don’t rule it out.    Jesus’ followers are discriminated against broadly.  Education is belligerent, government is belligerent sometimes, the courts can’t always be trusted and the culture is resistant or indifferent.   So, Devin makes good points.

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Rochelle Gutierrez, a professor at the University of Illinois, made the claim in a new anthology for math teachers, arguing that, “On many levels, mathematics itself operates as Whiteness. Who gets credit for doing and developing mathematics, who is capable in mathematics, and who is seen as part of the mathematical community is generally viewed as White…”

This woman has not met the Chinese, the Japanese, the Iranian, Arab nor the Indian people I know.  Many are great at math! Math is colorless (and raceless)!

Full article here.

Break Opioid Crisis, Repair Families!


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Too many Americans are dying deaths of despair, and their lack of a support system is a big part of the problem.

Princeton University’s Anne Case and Angus Deaton have coined the term “deaths of despair” to describe the epidemic of American opioid overdoses, suicides, and alcohol-related fatalities. Put simply, Americans are killing themselves at a stunning rate. In 2016 drug overdoses claimed 64,000 lives, and, as the Social Capital Project report notes, “opioid overdose deaths alone accounted for nearly two-thirds of drug overdose deaths, and have surpassed the all-time peaks of annual deaths caused (individually) by car crashes, H.I.V., and guns.

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Faulty Muslim Justification for Terror Attack

The following represents the “muslim on the street” in America, Paterson, NJ no less.  They are neutral to very positive towards global jihad.  Though they live in America, patriotism is foreign to them.  They align with muslims worldwide and not anything American.  This man says President Trump is responsible for killing 40,000 Mosul citizens.  Fact check: The UK Independent reports that the 40,000 casualties were from the Iraqi federal forces, ISIS fighters and air strikes.  His logic is that because 40,000 muslims died in Mosul, Sayfullo Saipov has a right to drive a truck over bikers in NYC.  That is very sick logic and it is shared by others in the USA and around the world. Continue reading “Faulty Muslim Justification for Terror Attack”

Era of Mass Delusion

Do you remember Hitler?  Adolph Hitler?   Some who see this blog may not have heard of him.  He is not the only one in the world who pulled off major delusion based on some exclusive ideology but he is one of the most recent.

Devin Foley starts an analysis with the tale of the emperor who has no clothes.   A similar, though fictional tale about group think from the children’s genre.

He dives in quickly however and gives some alarming insights into the current culture and government in America. Continue reading “Era of Mass Delusion”