Right Choice for American & the World

Here is Marlo Lewis’ take on one view of the Paris Agreement/Treaty.  It is an interesting one and his thoughts were published before the Trump announcement.

The Paris Agreement was the capstone of President Obama’s climate action plan, the political strategy by which he intended to give the Clean Power Plan and other legally dubious climate policies a treaty-like status, but without going through the constitutional treaty process.

By relabeling his domestic climate agenda as commitments America made to the world, he tried to dictate U.S. energy policy for decades to come regardless of the preferences of future presidents, Congresses, and voters. It was a climate coup of breathtaking ambition, and the treaty’s supporters at home and abroad did all they could to misdirect the debate and pressure Trump to break his campaign promise. President Trump kept an open mind, listened to all sides, and made the right decision for America and the world.

Exiting the Paris Climate Agreement overturns Obama’s end run around the Constitution’s treaty process, safeguards American democracy from foreign interference, dispels the Agreement’s long shadow over the U.S. energy and manufacturing sectors, foils corporate schemes to enrich special interests at consumers and taxpayers’ expense, and helps ensure developing countries will have the access to affordable energy they need to lift people out of poverty.

Read more of Marlo’s thoughts here.

Is Climate Change Data Real?

In recent months I have been all over the spectrum on issues related to climate change.   I was up late last night watching a presentation by Lord Monckton of the UK on climate change data from the IPCC.   Based on Lord Monckton’s analysis, credibility of the IPCC process is called into question.

The IPCC has built into it’s computer modeling weighting which favors the data giving the expected outcome, the “hockey stick” projected temperature outcome.

With the new hockey stick chart and projections the Medieval Warm Period and Little IceMedieval Warm Period1.jpg (548×370) Age disappeared. What caused that?  The scientists and technicians who support the IPCC are not consistent.  I know it is in tiny print but the chart identifies as IPCC 1990.

Some say that Michael Mann was hired by the IPCC to “smooth” the data and get rid of the Medieval warm period and the Little ice age.

Now the IPCC is producing what academics call “post-normal science” while NIPCC (Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change) is producing old-fashioned “real science.”   “Post-normal science” comes from massaged data.   Can we really trust the IPCC?

Should the USA, or any other country in the world, make laws and change lives based or massaged data?   Not this year.  Not until the data is firmed up and accurate.   The response should not be made on hidden agendas and post-normal science.

There are rational responses to the issues raised by climate.  But please don’t base responses on data built on agendas.

These are only my thoughts in summary form.  There is so much data out supporting these thoughts.