Corporation Free-Speech Hypocrisy

The first amendment to the Constitution of the United States is under attack.  That could be said for other amendments/sections of the Constitution as well.

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The guy on the left has rights, he is an American. However, he is using his corporate pulpit to squelch the rights of much smaller guys.   Tim Cook along with other corporate bullies are undermining the meaning of the First Amendment.   His interpretations are biased.   He believes the 1st Amendment means: “free speech for me, but not for thee.” Continue reading “Corporation Free-Speech Hypocrisy”

Bernie Sanders in Violation of the Constitution

I tend to team with Russell Moore of the SBC on Senator Bernie Sanders and the hearing on Russell Vought.  However, I Sen. Bernie Sanders Defends His Attack On Christianshave to say that I see the Senator as one who does not understand even the basics of his religious heritage as a Jew.   He is not a Jew religiously.  He needs to read the Old Testament to understand what Judaism means.
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Attacks On Catholic Church Require People Of All Faiths To Say ‘We Are Catholics Now’

It doesn’t matter which faith you adhere to—we should care about attacks on the Catholic Church, because one threat to religious liberty affects us all.

In my school days, we were taught that the national government is limited. The powers of Congress are only those enumerated in the Constitution. The powers of the President and the Executive Branch are only those enumerated. All other powers are reserved to the States and the People. Continue reading “Attacks On Catholic Church Require People Of All Faiths To Say ‘We Are Catholics Now’”